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  1. What is Henry Quick?

    What is Henry Quick?

    Ready to say goodbye to messy emptying? Enter Henry Quick! Read on to find out more about this cordless cleaning hero...
  2. What is Henry ReachKit?

    What is Henry ReachKit?

    Making hard to reach, easy to clean. Let's take a look at some of our favourite uses for the Henry ReachKit...
  3. Henry Eco - Our Most Efficient Henry Yet!

    Henry Eco - Our Most Efficient Henry Yet!

    Did you know you can save even more energy while achieving the same high-quality, high-performance cleaning as always?
  4. A New Lease of Life

    A New Lease of Life

    Mess has met its match with Henry! 
  5. Henry and Hetty's Dragon Adventure Colouring Sheet

    Henry and Hetty's Dragon Adventure Colouring Sheet

    Come and check out our magical colouring sheet ✨
  6. On-board tool storage

    On-board tool storage

    When the mess is gone, Henry packs neatly and tidily away with on-board storage and "trouble-free" cable rewind system. Job done! Well, until the next time...
  7. Somerset Day Colouring in

    Somerset Day Colouring in

    Check out our Somerset Day colouring Sheet!
  8. Henry Training Academy

    Henry Training Academy

    It takes a lot to become a Henry, we really put him through his paces here at Henry HQ. To make sure Henry’s ready to handle any cleaning task, the Henry Training Academy is always testing the latest model.
  9. 2 Built Every Minute

    2 Built Every Minute

    We build a Henry every 30 seconds… that’s more Henrys per minute than babies born in the U.K and flights taking off from London Heathrow Airport!