Making hard to reach, easy to clean, the Henry ReachKit includes handy accessories for tackling fiddly cleaning around the home, car and more! So, what is the Henry ReachKit and what does it do? Read on to find out our favourite handy uses for this Henry accessory kit...

Henry ReachKit including 1.5 metre extension hose, telescopic tube wand and Multi Angle Tool

Henry ReachKit |

ReachKit for Stair Cleaning

Ever got half way up the stairs and realised poor Henry's hose is at full stretch? Or balanced Henry precariously on the step whilst finishing off the last few steps? Us too! Using the Henry ReachKit means you can leave Henry at the bottom of the stairs, and reach the very top with ease.

Person holding Henry vacuum hose reaching right to the top of a flight of stairs

Stair Cleaning |

ReachKit for Accessible Cleaning

Many vacuums are far too heavy to lift to reach those corners of the home. Unlike bulky upright vacuums - the weight of Henry remains and stays on the floor. Using the lightweight adjustable Telescopic Wand along with additional accessories, means Henry's powerful cleaning cleaning technology can reach those hard-to-reach areas: the tops of wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, bannisters and ledges. Dust be gone!

Henry Telescopic tube wands showing extension

Telescopic Wand |


ReachKit for Car Cleaning

Wrestling with Henry in your car is a thing of the past! Using the 1.5m hose from your Henry ReachKit means you can access most areas of a vehicle, plus adding another Genuine Henry accessory means perfect detail car cleaning for your pride and joy. Add the Henry ReachKit to a George for an all in one car cleaning cleaning solution.

Person vacuuming out the car with Henry extension hose.

Car Cleaning |

ReachKit for Garage Cleaning

Garage of doom, no more! Sometimes it's best not to look at what lurks in the corners, spider webs, leaves and other unmentionables. Henry ReachKit makes light work of reaching those dark and dusty areas. Reach those grubby areas, and clean where no extra electricity points or plugs exist.

Garage with tools on the walls and floor

Garage Cleaning |

ReachKit for Versatile cleaning

Did you know, Henry ReachKit adds extra reach to all models of Henry, Hetty, Harry, Henry XL Plus, Charles and George? Above all, this means you can upgrade your cleaning without the additional costs of buying a whole new vacuum. Here at Henry we think that's a huge win! Have you found any ingenious ways to use the Henry ReachKit? Let us know in the comments below.