For many years you've told us, “We LOVE Henry, but I wish you did something for quick clean ups”. Enter Henry Quick! A powerful and reliable cleaning companion who has won the hearts of countless users all over the U.K and beyond. From his unique and iconic design to his outstanding performance on hard floors and carpets, we think Henry Quick answers all of the cordless cleaning conundrums you might have! So, what is Henry Quick and why is he so exceptional? Read on to find out more…

Henry Quick Cordless Vacuum cleaner with Henry red and George carpet cleaner on either side

Henry Quick Range |


No Dust, No Mess, No Fuss

That’s it, you heard us right. What sets Henry Quick apart from other cordless vacuum cleaners is his unique filter pod technology. Ever had to use a wooden spoon, or another vacuum cleaner to clear out the canister of your current cordless vacuum? With Henry Quick, what goes in, really does stay in. There’s up to 3 weeks of use per filter pod and one click dust-free emptying, so now there’s more time left to spend on the important things! When Henry Quick is full there's no guessing as the handy LED light will let you know your pod is ready to be changed. Check out below what Real Homes ( had to say about this innovative technology...

"...after using this vacuum for several weeks, I definitely agree that a bag makes for less mess. It also makes it easier to use for faster jobs as you rarely have to worry about it being full. I used this vacuum so many times before having to empty the bag as it takes a surprising amount of dust and debris to get full." Click here to read the full report.

Henry Quick Filter Pod being emptied into a dustbin and a close up of filter pods with smiley face logo

Henry Quick Filter Pods |


Powerful Cleaning Performance

Henry Quick has been designed with quick (see what we did there?) clean-ups in mind. His removable one click Li-ion battery lasts up to 70 minutes on standard mode and the boost button provides up to 14 minutes of high powered cleaning for the more stubborn clean-ups. With a mounted LED battery indicator, there's no running out of power unexpectedly. Here’s what T3 ( had to say about Henry Quick’s performance on carpets and hard floors...

"Since I have a houseful of pets I tried the Henry Quick on hard floor, carpet and several rugs and it swept everything I could see remarkably well. It also collected a shedload of dust and other stuff I couldn’t see and it didn’t snowplough larger items on the hard floor like some vacs I’ve used." Click here to read the full report.

Henry Quick being used on a carpet cleaning up dirt and dust, attached to wall dock with accessories and also being used to clear split cereal on a worktop

Henry Quick in the home |


Scent Pods to keep your home fresh!

Not only is Henry Quick a brilliant cordless stick vacuum cleaner, you can also add a range of deliciously fresh scents to your cleaning regime with Henry Quick Scent Pods! Simply pop off Henry Quick’s flat cap and replace your scent pod with one of our amazingly fragrant scent pods. It really is as easy as that! Check out the full range here.

Henry Quick With Scent and Scent pods Vanilla, Passionfruit and Rose Fragrance

Henry Quick Scent Pods |


Award-winning Henry Quick...

We think Henry Quick is a cleaning superstar, but did you know that the Henry Quick Range has won a Which? Best Buy for Cordless Vacuum cleaners… Here are just some of the comments we have received –

"Brilliant at cleaning carpets and between the floorboards, good at picking up large debris and it’s so hygienic to empty you might never want to go bagless again. We had to make this one a Best Buy."

"This vacuum still works effectively even as the dust pod is nearly full – this isn’t often the case even with the best cordless models." Click here to read the full report  (Which? Subscription is required).

Not only that, we became Good Housekeeping Institute awarded in 2022, scoring an impressive 95/100 in their tough vacuuming tests! Here's what they had to say about Henry Quick.

"Pick-up was outstanding; on carpet and when tackling pet hair, it proved to be a top performer." Click here to read the full report. Which? Best Buy 2023 cordless vacuum cleaners award Logo and Good Housekeeping institute approved 2022 logo

Which? Best Buy/Good Housekeeping Awards |


Red not your colour?

Did you know that Henry Quick also comes in a sleek metallic grey, or alternatively Hetty Quick, comes pretty in pink? Whichever colour you choose, you can be sure of Henry quality and reliability in your home.

Have you got a Henry Quick? Let us know below what you think...