Henry Wash

Revives and refreshes carpets and upholstery for a clean, hygienic and fresh home.
  • Revive Carpets
  • Refresh Upholstery
  • Clean & Dry Hard-floors
  • Valet the Car
  • Perfect for Pets
  • Fuss-free Features
SKU#: 907212

Introducing... Henry Wash

Revive Carpets
Refresh Upholstery
Clean & Dry Hard-floors
Valet the Car
Perfect for Pets
Fuss-free Features

Want to find out more?

Quick and Easy Carpet Cleaning

Henry Wash pumps water mixed with detergent from a specially designed clean water tank to a diffuser, which distributes it evenly across the floor without oversoaking. His powerful 1060W motor then activates, removing the dirt and moisture, leaving your carpets clean, smelling fresh and feeling fluffy.

Clean and Dry Floors

Henry Wash takes water and detergent from the clean water tank, breaks down grease and grime, and cleans the floor with his unique Dual Scrub Brush. He then sucks up the water into the dirty water tank, leaving your floors clean, hygienic and touch dry!

Emergency Cleans & DIY

Blocked sinks, showers, household leaks, spills and more… Henry Wash is always ready. On-hand and ready to go, with Henry Wash you can prevent spills turning into stains.

Built to Last

Tough construction, long-life features and exceptional carpet cleaning from the UK's most reliable vacuum brand.

Revive and Refresh your Home

The kids are due back from football in their muddy boots any moment, somebody’s spilt juice on the sofa again and it’s a sticky mess, don’t even mention the make-up smudged all over the carpet upstairs. I give up! Oh perfect, the puppy’s had another accident, that’s just what I need! 


Specifications / Kit (AH6)

Suction2400mm H20
Cleaning Range26.0m
Weight12.66kg (Machine & kit)
Dimensions360 x 370 x 510mm
Motor Power1000W (BYPASS)
Power230V AC 50/60Hz

Henry Wash is the "Can Do" carpet cleaner. No job is too small or too large. Quickly clean carpets and hard-floors; freshen up furniture and the car; tackle emergency cleans and DIY, from unblocking the sink to sucking-up spills. With a full wash kit, long 10m cable and twice the capacity of many leading carpet cleaners, he's always ready to go.

Download product manual: HVW370 User Intructions