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  1. George


    George is always ready and on-hand for even the most accident prone little puppy, helping to keep your home clean, fresh and safe.
  2. A New Lease of Life
  3. Henry and Hetty's Dragon Adventure Colouring Sheet

    Henry and Hetty's Dragon Adventure Colouring Sheet

    Come and check out our magical colouring sheet ✨
  4. Henry ReachKit

    Henry ReachKit

    Making the hard to reach, easy to clean.
  5. Henry PetKit

    Henry PetKit

    Everything you need to remove stubborn pet hairs and reduce lingering pet odours.
  6. Henry CarKit

    Henry CarKit

    Containing everything you need for the ultimate car clean, the CarKit will leave your car seats, floor and boot looking as good as new.
  7. On-board tool storage

    On-board tool storage

    When the mess is gone, Henry packs neatly and tidily away with on-board storage and "trouble-free" cable rewind system. Job done! Well, until the next time...
  8. Henry ProKit
  9. Handy 5 Piece Kit

    Handy 5 Piece Kit

    Did you know there's a tool for every job with the Handy 5 Piece Kit?
  10. Somerset Day Colouring in

    Somerset Day Colouring in

    Check out our Somerset Day colouring Sheet!