Did you know we've made more than 14 million Henrys and most are still in use today? It's no wonder Henry's independently rated the UK's most reliable vacuum brand. He's always ready to tackle the toughest cleaning!

But even though he's built to last, even Henry may need some TLC from time to time... Luckily, it's super easy thanks his fuss-free design.

In fact, we can provide replacement parts for every Henry ever made. So no matter how long you’ve had your Henry (or even Hetty, Harry, James, George or Charles), you can give them all a brand-new lease of life with our wide-range of Genuine Henry Accessories.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these great kits!


Up your cleaning game with Henry’s Pro Accessory Kit, taking carpet and hard-floor cleaning to the next level.


No matter how long you’ve had your Henry, the Replacement Henry Kit has everything you need.


Containing everything you need for the ultimate car clean, the CarKit will leave your car seats, floor and boot looking as good as new.


Whether your trusted Henry deserves an upgrade or you’ve just welcomed a new four-legged friend into the family, the PetKit is ideal for removing lingering odours and stubborn pet hair from your home.


With a tool for every job, mess is no match for Henry!