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  1. Henry Allergy joins the Baxter Family

    Henry Allergy joins the Baxter Family

    There was more excitement than on Christmas day in the Baxter household – we were told that Henry Allergy would be delivered that morning!
  2. 5 Things You Didn't Know About Henry...

    5 Things You Didn't Know About Henry...

    He's a true British icon, but did you know these 5 things about Henry?
  3. Henry & Hetty’s Special Day Out

    Henry & Hetty’s Special Day Out

    We love nothing more than hearing from Henry’s fans, so when we found out Henry collector Ryan was tying the knot with girlfriend Chloe, we had a little something up our sleeves…
  4. Keep Henry Feeling Fresh!

    Keep Henry Feeling Fresh!

    Henry does a great job of cleaning up all that dust, dirt and pet hair, and given regular maintenance, he won’t leave any unpleasant odours.
  5. Erik’s Make-a-Wish Visit

    Erik’s Make-a-Wish Visit

    Erik is one of Henry’s biggest fans and it was his Make-A-Wish to travel across the globe to visit the home of the iconic vacuum cleaner, here in Chard, Somerset. 
  6. Henry & Henry!

    Henry & Henry!

    We always love to hear your Henry stories and about what Henry means to you. So, when we heard about the part Henry played in helping Mark and Isabel Lawrence decide on a name for their baby, we just had to share it with you!
  7. Henry Training Academy

    Henry Training Academy

    It takes a lot to become a Henry, we really put him through his paces here at Henry HQ. To make sure Henry’s ready to handle any cleaning task, the Henry Training Academy is always testing the latest model.
  8. 2 Built Every Minute

    2 Built Every Minute

    We build a Henry every 30 seconds… that’s more Henrys per minute than babies born in the U.K and flights taking off from London Heathrow Airport!