Henry Pet XL

Built for even the furriest of friends, meet Henry Pet XL. With XL capacity and additional tools to get the job done.
  • Remove Pet Hairs
  • Reduce Pet Odours
  • Fuss-free Features
  • XL Capacity
  • Dust-free Emptying
  • Home of the UK's Best Selling Vacuum
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Introducing... Henry Pet XL

Remove Pet Hairs
Reduce Pet Odours
Fuss-free Features
XL Capacity
Dust-free Emptying
Home of the UK's Best Selling Vacuum

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No-nonsense Cleaning

With a high-performance motor, huge 15L capacity and a whopping 12.5m cable, Henry Pet XL is ready for anything and gets the job done fast. The perfect companion for your furry friends!

A Trusty Toolkit for Every Job

With Henry Pet XL’s high-performance AiroBrush dislodges stubborn dirt and pet hairs for a deep clean, every time. For detail cleaning, the FlexiCrevice Tool tackles hard to reach nooks and crannies with precision, whilst the Dusting Tool keeps your delicate surfaces sparkling — shelves, ornaments and picture frames. For smaller areas, including the stairs, sofa and car seats, all you need to get the job done is Henry’s AiroBrush140.

Dust-free Emptying

Henry Pet XL’s advanced, two-stage filtration system frees you from mess and airborne nasties, trapping everything in the HepaFlo bag. With an innovative self-seal tab, emptying is a doddle — Henry makes allergen escape and dreaded dust clouds a thing of the past. What goes in, stays in.

Stores Neatly Away

Once Henry Pet XL is triumphant over your household dirt and pesky pet hairs, the trouble-free cable rewind, on-board tool station and iconic convenient shape means he’s easy to store away. Job done — for now…!

Man's Best Friend

Has Fido chewed up yet another toy, leaving the carpet looking like a snow storm? Maybe the sofa’s covered in fur and there’s an undeniable smell of, well, ‘wet dog’, in the air? Oh, no — Felix is moulting like crazy, producing endless tumbleweeds of fur… with the in-laws due any minute, what are we to do? The house doesn’t smell too ‘doggy’, does it? With high-performance cleaning technology, the innovative AiroBrush Tool and charcoal-activated MicroFresh filter technology, Henry Pet XL is sure to keep your household hygienic, fresh and allergen-free. The ultimate cleaning companion for families with canines and felines!


Specifications / Kit (AS75)

Suction2300mm H20
Cleaning Range31m
Weight10.0kg (Machine & kit)
Dimensions510 x 360 x 370mm
Motor Power620w
Power230V AC 50/60Hz

Henry Pet XL is perfect for pet owners. His AiroBrush easily picks-up stubborn pet hairs and his charcoal activated MicroFresh filter reduces lingering pet odours. With a super long-reach 12.5m cable, huge 15L capacity and versatile toolkit, Henry Pet XL will become (almost) as important a part of the family as the pets he's cleaning up after.

Download product manual: NRV370 User Instructions